Brenda Wilson, Blogger/Owner

Brenda Wilson, Blogger/Owner

I’m Brenda Wilson, the owner of the blog The Pink Fish Press. Thank you for stopping by to read about me. I am a mother of two wonderful kids. I am a psychic and mediumship development instructor.

I was a skeptic at the beginnig. But when my first child was born, I started my journey to the spiritual world. For 10 years I read everything I could get my hands on psychic development and mediumship. I read as much as I could. Later, after few years of practice, I decided to become a professional. I had worked with the best psychic mediums and have handled hundreds of clients throughout these years.

I had decided to start this blog after I’d found out that many of my clients were scammed and scared by unethical readers. I wanted to bring transparency into this world of spirituality. I also wanted to reach mass audience and so I thought of writing this blog. The blog has many resources which will help people on their journey. Visitors will become educated on spiritualism by reading this blog. They will also get useful tips on this topic.

Hope you enjoy every moment of your journey with us!