Psychic reading events of 2016

A number of psychic events are scheduled to take place next year. Here is a list:

John Edward Live

This event will be held throughout the year in different states starting in Sacramento, CA in January next year. It is a reading intensive event. There will be question and answer sessions. Messages from the other world will also be attended.

The Annual Psychic Fair and WitchCraft Expo

Find out your future with psychic reading at this expo. It will be held during October and November of next year. Here you can see actual practicing witches and get readings from professional psychics. There will be tarot card readings, palm readings, spirit mediumship, clairvoyant vision, crystal ball scrying, past life reading, angels and spirit guides, etc. You will find shops selling books, spell kits, enchanted candles, voodoo dolls, herbs, etc.

Psychic Golds Halloween Psychic Fair

This event will be held in October 2016. This is one of the top events of the year. The top readers will be present to do one to one reading. There will be stalls where you get candles, crystals and many other interesting items to buy.

Minneapolis Psychic & Healing Symposium

The event will take place on February of next year. The visitors will get opportunities to learn about the spiritual world. There will be wellness products, intuitive readers, animal communicators, crystals, jewelry and other different things. Speakers provide important insights to life.

Psychic Expo Windsor

This event has been going on since 1988. There will be psychic readers who will be reading privately. There will be demonstrations, books and crystals also.

If you are interested in psychic readings then you must join one of these events.