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Pink Fish Press was an independent publisher who was dedicated to publishing high quality writing through close working relationships with their authors. Two of the powerhouses behind Pink Fish Press were Renda Belle Dodge, Managing Editor and Senior Editor, Sarah Martinez. "Brave, Delightful, Insightful women." according to an interview on Arc of a Writer, a blog for writers and readers and lovers of language.

This was the website for Pink Fish Press for a number of years.
The content below is from the site's 2011 archived pages.

Pink Fish Press Core Values

  • We recognize that all writers are artists.
  • We believe there are multitudes of talented voices unheard by the big publishing industry as independent writers struggle against an ocean of outdated practices.
  • We strive to shatter the stigma of poor quality that is often attached to independent authors.
  • We work to bring undiscovered and gifted writers to the forefront of popular culture.

Unlike the faceless traditional publishing industry, Pink Fish Press works with the author to help them reach their goals. Although every submission may not fit with what we are looking to publish, we review each submission we receive in full. Once we receive your submission we will email you an action plan and timetables relevant  to your manuscript, so no more waiting to see how long for someone to return contact, if at all. This is your artwork and deserves a chance to be read and looked over.

Pink Fish Press works with their authors on grammar editing, story continuity, layout, cover art, marketing, promotion and all aspects of Internet medias (such as websites, twitter, facebook, etc.). We also offer services to writers who do not have a completed manuscript such as one-on-one draft coaching and online writer's workshops.

Pink Fish Press  is your partner in independent publishing. Helping authors achieve their goals through networking, knowledge and tenacity, and acknowledging the unrecognized talent of the unpublished writer.


Guidebook for Working with Small Independent Publishers

By Terry Persun

Coming: October 1, 2011

There are only a handful of corporate publishers and literally thousands of independent presses. For authors looking to publish, the choices can be daunting. This guidebook explains the pros and cons of making the choice to work with small publishers, explains the independent press process, and offers a valuable sample marketing plan.

With years of publishing experience, author Terry Persun helps navigate the world of small, independent publishers in this concise and illuminating guidebook.

“If you have been considering the indie route, this book is a great place to start researching.” - Line Zero

  • Format Paperback | 76 pages
  • Dimensions 133.35 x 203.2 x 4.57mm | 140.61g
  • Publication date 08 Sep 2011
  • Publisher Pink Fish Press
  • Publication City/Country United States



The Indie Writer's Workshop

By Renda Dodge

Your writing is not a product; it’s a piece of art.

By choosing the indie writer’s path, you can take control of your art from concept to completion. The Indie Writer’s Workshop is your guidebook to the world of independent publication, taking you from idea, to draft, to manuscript and, finally, to a published book.

Formatted as a workbook, presented as a workshop and packed with helpful reference material, this is your personal journal for artistic growth. Beginning with the concept of writing as art, this guide will help perfect plot, structure and the revision process. The journey to publication begins with the strongest fiction you can write.

The Indie Writer’s Workshop Contains:

  • Many diverse exercises and worksheets to help cultivate your ideas and characters
  • Information to help anyone learn to master basic grammar and revision techniques
  • An examination of the current industry, and a realistic look at your publishing options
  • Proven techniques that benefit writers of all skill levels using step-by-step instructions

Drawing from years of experience gained from facilitating popular, in-person writing workshops, indie author and small press owner Renda Dodge brings dynamic practices to the page. Touching on all aspects of writing, she covers the importance of craft, revision and the true potential of indie authorship.

“I was thoroughly inspired.” –Hannah Rose

“Thank you! Your workbook was the perfect thing! I feel really confident.” – Jeaneen G.

“A terrific way of explaining concepts. – James Perry

“Gave me a great start on the plot that wasn't there” – K.R.

Purchase The Indie Writer's Workshop!

Amazon Reviews



5.0 out of 5 stars
Even Better Than the First!
September 26, 2011
Format: Paperback
Last year, I used Renda's speed plotting workbook to prepare me for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo dot org). It was a tremendous help and I had the best "NaNo" experience I'd ever had.

This year, I was fortunate enough to take one of her wildly popular workshops and purchase a copy of her updated workbook, The Indie Writer's Workshop.

This updated workbook is even better than her first. With everything from plot basics and plenty of writing exercises to thought-provoking musings about writers and our art, The Indie Writer's Workshop is an invaluable resource. It will continue to be a staple for all of my writing!


Jessica H. Stone
5.0 out of 5 stars
She's done it again!
August 15, 2011
Format: Paperback
Last year I attended Renda Dodge's Plot Workshop to prepare for Nanowrimo. She is an organized, compassionate and funny teacher and the workbook for her course was/is one of my favorite reference books. Both my writing partner and I sailed through the November challenge using what we'd learned from Renda. Working with Renda made the Nano experience even more fun!

Now, she's done it again -- she's come out with a book that is both an invaluable reference book and an inspirational motivator. If you are new to writing fiction this book will be your guide to the world of story-telling. If you're an old pro, you'll read this over and over for that kick in the behind we all need when the words won't come.

I am especially impressed with the honesty and openness Renda shows when sharing her own writing experiences (good and funky) with her readers.

Make sure to read this before November -- it will help sooo much with Nanowrimo. And then, read it again and again.


Observations of a Stumbling Writer

When I was exploring a career in fiction writing, my best friend introduced me to "The Indie Writer's Workshop" by Renda Dodge, an essential guide that greatly influenced my journey. While initially focused on fiction, I shifted to copywriting for a more stable income. I've written for diverse clients, from restaurants and vape accessories stores to law firms. Recently, I started a project related to above ground pools for Their products reminded me of the creative process I learned from Dodge's workshop, where structuring a story is akin to designing a perfect backyard oasis. My experience with has been a refreshing dive into a new niche, offering a unique angle to apply my writing skills. This shift in focus from fiction to practical, engaging copywriting for various industries, including the leisure and home improvement sector, has been an exciting and fulfilling evolution of my writing career.

However, I still write on the side and have had some of my work published in small literary magazines. Haven't had a novel published although my nieces adore the stories I write and illustrate for them as birthday gifts. I have been encouraged to submit some of my stories to children's book publishers, but I haven't taken the jump. Someday. Nevertheless I want to thank Renda Dodge for sharing her experiences and her insights into writing fiction.



Line Zero

Line Zero, the place where it all begins. It’s the blank page, the empty beginning and the start of something new. It’s the excitement of a story about to unfold, and it’s also the terrifying emptiness of writer’s block.

Most of all it’s taking that step into artistic creation.

Line Zero is an emerging, independent print journal dedicated to writing and the arts. It is unlike any other publication of its kind. Line Zero features a hybrid of content between a traditional literary journal and a collection of editorial essays on art, writing, music, publishing, photography, guides, book and tech reviews and art events. Each quarterly issue features the writing of artists currently entrenched in the creative process and covering a range of experiences, featured photographic entries, a literary contest and art & music news.

Line Zero is edited by Renda Dodge, Bailey Shoemaker Richards, Laura Pieroni and Paul Blake and published by Pink Fish Press.




Tori Liddell has struggled through her twenties suffering from undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. She documents her radical lifestyle changes and shifting identity through the colorful tattoos covering her body. After years spent disconnecting from family and widening the rift created by her absence, Tori returns to small-town Oregon to help facilitate the care of her mother, recently diagnosed with AIDS. At her homecoming, she faces her own mortality, the inevitable loss of her mother and the interests of an enigmatic neighbor. Tori also confronts the realization that things and people are not always the way she remembers as she searches for the meaning of home in the rubble of her past.

Inked is a window into the life of a woman trying to overcome herself, her choices and a psychological affliction etched under her skin.

What People are Saying about Inked

“Greatly enjoyed it … Loved the relationship between mother and daughter, detailed, intriguing, ‘stick with you after book ends’ characters.” -Laura Church

“Inked is not a typical book in any sense of the word. The main character is captivating …The story itself is potent and that makes it a page turner.” -Kate James




Manuscript Submissions:

Pink Fish Press is currently accepting submissions for novel-length fiction and memoir.  We are reviewing manuscripts of all genres, but with a focus and special consideration on mainstream and literary fiction. However, keep in mind that we are looking for well written fiction, regardless of genre and we'd love to take a look at your work.

Once we receive your submission you will receive an email response outlining the current time frame for responses.

We accept manuscripts unsolicited, unagented and via email only.

Please send the following information to

  • A short synopsis of your novel; including genre, target audience, word count, and plot outline.
  • The first three chapters of your piece as an attachment (.doc, .rtf, or .odt please).
  • Any links to blogs, personal web-sites, etc. that will be used for promotion.
  • A small paragraph about yourself.

Short Story/Poetry Submissions:

Pink Fish Press is currently accepting submissions for short stories and poetry for our quarterly writing and arts journal: Line Zero

In keeping with PFP's core values, we are striving to shatter the stigma that all well-written authors come from the MFA programs and the luck of the draw with traditional publishing methods.


Pre-NaNoWriMo Plot Workshops – Sponsored by Pink Fish Press

Join Pink Fish Press managing editor and Seattle area NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison, Renda Dodge, for a free five hour workshop before National Novel Writing Month begins and get the creative juices flowing! This workshop will prepare you for the challenge of writing a novel in a month, help you network with like-minded writers and help build-out your plot and characters.

All currently scheduled workshops are now full.

Shoreline, WA – September 17, 2011 (Workshop Full)
Federal Way, WA – September 24, 2011 (Workshop Full)
Redmond, WA - October 8, 2011 (Workshop Full)
Whidbey Island (Coupeville, WA) – October 15, 2011 (Workshop Full)
Issaquah, WA October 27, 2011 (Workshop Full)

Why should I plot?
Creating dynamic characters
Time management for writers
The 10 steps to creating a masterpiece
I'm stuck, now what?
Tips for hitting 50,000 words in one month.
And More!

The workshops are always free and open to writers of all skill sets, even young writers. If you would like to purchase a copy of the workbook, The Indie Writer’s Workshop, the presentation will follow the first section of the workbook and use the exercises contained in the book. Purchase is not required for attendance, but is offered at a discount as a supplement for those interested. When you register, please choose the option that applies to you.

When Registering: The shopping cart will direct you to a Paypal site, if you’re doing the workshop only registration please exit the site at this time. If you’ve reached the Paypal site, you’re registered. If you’re purchasing a workbook, please complete payment through paypal to complete your registration.

Space is limited and the workshops fill up fast. Register early to make sure you hold a spot.


Renda Belle Dodge

- Managing Editor

Renda grew up in the Pacific Northwest as part of a typical, fractured family, and she currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Writing has always been a part of her life, and she began telling and illustrating stories when she was a child. Renda’s writing style is bold and strives to capture the ongoing struggle for identity in contemporary America

She loves to read any interesting and quirky fiction. Her favorite authors are Plath, Cunningham, Eugenides and Bukowski. She loves listening to Amanda Palmer, The xx, Tegan and Sara, Alanis Morrisette and The Devin Townsend Project. In her spare time, Renda spends a lot of time with her camera.


Sarah Martinez

- Senior Editor


Before joining Pink Fish Press Sarah served as Editorial Assistant for Andrea Hurst & Associates, where she edited and provided feedback on novels and book proposals. She recently assisted in the editing for the book No Buddy Left Behind by Terri Crisp and C. J. Hurn.

Sarah is also a writer and her debut novel has been accepted for publication. Sarah believes that working with editors who are either published writers themselves, or who have worked at high professional levels has made her a stronger writer and a better editor.

Reading is an integral part of who Sarah is and has also made her a better writer. She falls in and out of love with her favorite authors and tends to gush quite unabashedly when she feels one deserves it. Her current favorite is Vladimir Nabokov. Others include: Junot Diaz, Marco Vassi, Janet Fitch, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Nicholson Baker.

Sarah is also a Regular Contributor to Line Zero. She loves to network with her fellow authors and local publishers and is a member of the North West Independent Editor’s Guild, Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and the Whidbey Island Writer’s Association.


Bailey Shoemaker Richards